Two boys fighting for salvation. 

A deranged mother bent on domination. 

A final confrontation that will drag them all into the abyss.


In the small Oregon town of Cutters Grove, two friends lock horns as their lives speed in different directions. Eighteen-year-old Alex has it all figured out. An excellent student and violin prodigy, Alex is Juilliard-bound, his future bright. But the shocking suicide attempt of his best friend Joe spins Alex’s well-ordered life out of control.


In an attempt to save Joe, Alex embarks on a harrowing journey into their shared past, where he digs up hard truths, exposes raw memories, and finally shoulders his long-abandoned guilt. While Alex struggles to hold his world together, Joe’s monstrous shadows grow over them both, pulling Alex into a dangerous and surreal world of Joe’s making.


Locked in a war of wills, Alex must face his final choice: sacrifice his soul to save his friend...or allow Joe's demons to consume them both. 

ISBN (print) 9781734300680 

ISBN (digital/ebook) 9781734300628

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