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Two boys fighting for salvation. 

A deranged mother bent on domination. 

A final confrontation that will drag them all into the abyss.


In the small Oregon town of Cutters Grove, two friends lock horns as their lives speed in different directions. Eighteen-year-old Alex has it all figured out. An excellent student and violin prodigy, Alex is Juilliard-bound, his future bright. But the shocking suicide attempt of his best friend Joe spins Alex’s well-ordered life out of control.


In an attempt to save Joe, Alex embarks on a harrowing journey into their shared past, where he digs up hard truths, exposes raw memories, and finally shoulders his long-abandoned guilt. While Alex struggles to hold his world together, Joe’s monstrous shadows grow over them both, pulling Alex into a dangerous and surreal world of Joe’s making.


Locked in a war of wills, Alex must face his final choice: sacrifice his soul to save his friend...or allow Joe's demons to consume them both. 

"Morgen Leigh has an unmatched ability to blend the beautiful and the grotesque, the wonderful and the horrific.  She breathes such life into her characters that you'd swear you knew them personally.  Hers is a sort of dark magical realism with teeth and claws - but with plenty of life and light as well." -R. Michael Burns, author of Windwalkers and Mr. Menace.

"bloodrothers is a sinuous tale of love and heartbreak, friendship and family, angst and passion. Leigh’s writing is vibrant and evocative, luring you into a richly detailed world swirling with secrets and darkness. Her characters come to life and grip your heart, while the twists and turns of the interlaced mysteries keep you guessing. An incredible debut novel by a talented writer." -Chris Mandeville, author of Quake and Seeds;

"bloodrothers is a crisply written, chilling tale exploring the terrors of unhealed wounds. Alex and Joe's journey is heart-wrenching and powerful as they fight through a fractured inner world to try to redeem their outer one. Fans of psychological horror will thrill at this descent into visceral madness, while anyone interested in the human soul will benefit from exploring paths through brokenness and trauma." -A. Brown, reader

"Morgen is an awesomely descriptive and detailed story teller. This book has twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end. You will fall in love with the characters, and they will stay with you." -S.E., reader

"A visually stunning piece of work. The author, Morgen Leigh, weaves a splendidly dark tale of 2 friends finding their way amidst shared tragedy, sacrifice, love & redemption. She keeps you guessing at every twist and turn, holding your attention with each turn of the page, investing you in each of these 2 young men right to the very end. Bravo!" -K.M., reader

"A story deeper than I imagined it could go! Leigh's writing takes the reader along to the characters' chilling darknesses, and to the light that is hope, empathy, and love. Paranormal, spiritual, human...a multi-level story of the courage to ask for and accept help, and the strength to give it in love." -M.P., reader